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Rawad is the Owner and Co-Founder of Raw Digital. He is a Web Developer and an Online Marketer that’s been part of this amazing industry for his whole life. Ever since childhood. Rawad knew he wanted to pursue a career that involved computers, however, he didn’t know the exact path he was going to take, so he gave networking the benefit of the doubt. During that time period, he realized that networking didn’t meet his expectations. The whole experience for him wasn’t enjoyable, so he decided to take another route, Web Design & Development.

Rawad instantly fell in love with Web Design & Development, with his continued work as a web designer, he realized that online marketing went hand in hand with his current passion, as they both fit together like 2 pieces to a puzzle. After gaining knowledge and experience of online marketing, he knew that these were the 2 things he wanted to focus on for the rest of his life.

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