Ever wanted to know how to run a successful business? Have you ever thought of the idea of working for yourself and becoming your own boss? Sure you have! I mean who doesn’t want to work for themselves on their own time whenever they want. For the past 2 years I’ve been operating MerhiMedia and what I realized is that there are 3 traits that helped me along the way to run a successful business.  Here are 3 traits that I thought I would share with you:

1.) Self Motivation

You need to have the drive and motivation to run a business. When I need to complete something no excuses are given, no one needs to tell me anything I just do it. Most people that try to run business fail due to the lack of motivation, and that’s alright, some people just prefer to be told what to do, have work set out for them to just accomplish and move forward. If you want to run your own business, you better take things seriously, If you don’t have the urge in washing the dishes then your chances of running a business would be very difficult due to having a hard time taking care of the small tasks and large tasks for your business.

I honestly believe that people in this world are unique in their own ways, some people are born with more motivation, while others aren’t, which is fine because that can always be worked on and improved. You will have to stop procrastinating and drop some time wasters such as video games, draining relationships and too many hobbies. You will just have to take the risk. At the end day, self-motivation can either make you or break you when you have no one else supporting you.

2.) Persistence

When you’re running your own business it can be frustrating at times, especially when things aren’t going so well that you just want to give up. You have to remember that it takes time to run a successful business, so be patient it will pay off. You will have to put your heart, energy and effort day in and day out.

Having your own business is a great accomplishment, it allows you to have freedom and control of your business. However, with freedom comes a great deal of responsibility. It’s just like renting an apartment; you finally get the freedom to live on your own, independent of your family, but you become responsible for any bills, damage causes, or anything that needs maintenance in the apartment. The same things apply to running your own business. You have the freedom to make your business however you want it to be, but you have to take care of every department and make sure they are operating smoothly.

Many people only see the pros in running a business, however, they aren’t aware of the responsibility that is needed to manage a business day in and day out until afterward. Make sure when you decide to run a business that you’re persistent and responsible and most importantly Be thankful and blessed for it.

3.) Personality

I have had the opportunity of working with several incredible clients that I didn’t take for granted, but also had ones that drove me crazy. That’s how all business work, you are going to encounter clients like that, which is completely normal, you will have to adapt. Personality is key, you need to have a stable personality, not too low nor too high, this will help you manage all the highs and lows that clients bring to your business.

Here are some tips that have helped me throughout this incredible journey:

– When you receive a harsh email, do your best to respond in a professional manner to solve the issue.
– When you get burned…you move on and don’t let it affect your spirits.
– When you mess up just learn from it and move on.

These are just 3 important factors you need to know about running a successful business, as stated some of these you may be born with and some may need work.