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Baz Production

Baz Production purpose is to capture captivating moments that last forever through photography and videography. We built our partners a mobile-friendly website that captured the essence of their brand. 

Sada Beirut

We developed a mobile-friendly website for Sada Beirut. They wanted a website that provided news coverage all around Lebanon, so that’s exactly what we did. We delivered the website that they envisioned. It was an absolute pleasure working with them.


We were pleased to work on PH. Charol new website. They wanted a mobile-friendly website that showcase the skin care service they provide to their customers, so we built them a website that was easily accessible, and best represented their self-image.


We were proud to work with Jujette on their brand new website. They wanted a website that showcased their artistic custom work to customers, so we built them a responsive website that best represents their brand and what they serve.


We were proud to work with KSGL on their new website. KSGL wanted a website that best that told their story, so we created a look and feel that best represented them.

Peas On Earth

Peas On Earth is a well-established farmers market that provides organic food to the community. Visit the website below..

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